Regd No. 1050 (LKO)
ESTD: 2007-2008

Need of our Organization in Uttar Pradesh...

Oral health is an integral part of general health. People tend to neglect oral health as it is rarely considered as life threatening as are other medical ailments. Oral cavity is like a gateway of our body. Uttar Pradesh being the largest state of India is also dwindling with the overwhelming burden of oral diseases. The overwhelming evidence now available shows that major health problems of dental origin like caries, periodontal diseases, and precancerous lesions, oral and maxillofacial trauma commonly affect a large group of population. The one third population resides in rural areas where the dental health care services could not reach, due to which now the dental diseases have been started to cumulate and hence burden has increased to the upper limit. Current situation has arisen due to lack of awareness of general people against dental well being and on the other hand to poverty, malhabits of intake of tobacco products (in various form of chewing, snuffing, smoking) unrestrained consumption of refined sugar, unattended malnourishment. In order to battle dental problems, it is essential that dental health education must be emphasised and the people must be made aware of the basics of maintenance of oral healthcare and hygiene and the factors that are responsible for tooth decay and tooth loss. There was a constant need of an organization to initiate the above mentioned steps to lay the foundation for better oral health in Uttar Pradesh. Our society believe that through service and education, oral health disease in the underserved can be better addressed as a preventable disease where prevention may also reduce future dental and medical expenses. That’s why the aims and objectives of society are based on the theme “SWASTH MUKH-SWASTH SHAREER” and “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

Dr. Nidhi Singh
Rural Dental Society for Oral
Disease Prevention & Cure